Online Reputation

I was assigned to research Luis Armenta, and it was not very hard to find information about him! I don’t know if this is cheating, but I do know Luis outside this class. With that in mind, I tried to just make inferences about the information that was available to me through social media. I found many things in his social media presence that I also know to be true about his character in real life.

First, I found that Luis has a lot of friends on Facebook. In my opinion, anything over 1,000 is a lot and Luis has close to 2,000. All of the mutual friends that we have are either graduated Aggies or currently enrolled in school, so one trend about Luis that I can infer (even though I already knew this) that he is an Aggie who is social and friendly with classmates and fellow students, as he has many followers on Instagram as well. These fellow students feel like they know him well enough through their interactions that they recognize him, and become friends through Facebook and follow him on Instagram.


A conclusion that I can make about the amount of people he is friends with/has following him is that he is well connected with a well rounded group of people. I would imagine if Luis needed anything, he would be able to find help very quickly because of the amount of diverse people with many different talents available to him.

A second pattern I found is that Luis is also an Aggie who gets involved in the college community! I found through his Instagram posts and through photos (that he has been tagged in on Facebook) that he was interested in becoming the Diversity VP for Utah State. I was curious to see if he was mentioned in the local newspaper, Utah Statesman, and I found two articles that mentioned him. Luis did, in fact, get voted as the Diversity VP! My assumption that Luis is a driven individual who likes to be involved I made once I found out he ran for Diversity VP was proven correct. Here you can find the article about Luis’ accomplishments like he was a proactive member of the USUSA and created a diversity cabinet, a unique creation, to better the diversity and connections on campus.

My interpretation from this trend or pattern comes from the fact that Luis is a friendly and well-known guy  because he got voted into the USUSA. I personally avoid voting here on campus like the plague, so I admire that Luis took the time and effort to run as a candidate. I can conclude that Luis is sociable, dedicated, and relatable-otherwise, fellow students would not have taken the time to vote for him during elections.



A third trend I found across many social media platforms is that he doesn’t post often. On Twitter, it is usually once a week for our social media class assignment. On Facebook and Instagram, it has been over 5 months since Luis personally posted anything. I find that a positive thing about Luis-he is more interested in focusing on people he is physically with rather than constantly updating his social media profiles. I would conclude from this finding that Luis knows how to prioritize his needs and his wants-and social media is not on his list of “needs”!


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